Corporate Governance

Governance Documents

Risk Management and Internal Control

Nakilat’s risk governance approach is continuously enhanced through the adoption of leading practices related to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Information Security Management, Business Continuity Management (BCM), and Compliance. Having robust governance enables Nakilat to shield the company from internal and external uncertainties and minimize any adverse impact or exposure on the company’s performance. Nakilat aims to create a more risk - focused c ulture to provide reasonable assurance for the achievement of its core strategic objectives.

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Sustainability (ESG)

Nakilat and its joint ventures (JVs) are committed to Qatar National Vision 203 0, which outlines the development of a sustainable future for the State of Qatar. As an organization, we conduct various safety and internal development programs to ensure the creation of a safe and reliable workforce, while our robust corporate social res ponsibility (CSR) framework aims to enrich the lives of local communities and preserve our natural environment.

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Annual General Meeting