Key policies and regulators

Nakilat maintains detailed policies and procedures to ensure that they fulfill and meet the requirements set by the local regulatory authorities.

Nakilat Key Policies And Procedures

Board Affairs
Board Governance
  1. Board of Directors Charter
  2. Governance Charter
  3. Board Committee's Charter
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality
  1. OHS and Environment Policy and Procedure
  2. Management of Change Procedure
  3. Quality Procedures
  5. Document Development and Control Procedure
  6. Nakilat Emergency Response Plan
  7. Crisis Management Plan
  8. Shipboard Operations Familiarisation Training For Non Marine Personnel
  9. Marine Quality Assurance Manual
  1. Fleet Manual 
  2. Nakilat Vessel Inspection
  3. Owners General Instructions LPG Carriers
  4. Owners General Instructions Global Shipping
  5. Owners General Instructions Global Shipping LNG Carriers Managed by NSQL
  6. Owner's General Instructions - LNG Carriers
Commercial and Business Development
  1. Ship Chartering and Commercial Operations Policy and Procedures
  2. Shipbroker Selection and Usage Policy and Procedures
  3. LNG Joint Ventures Department Manual
Nakilat Agency
  1. Handling of Product and LNG Vessels
  2. Use of RLC ePortal
  3. Government Liaison Processes 
  4. Handling of Offshore Support Vessels and Cargo Vessels
  5. Handling of Product Vessels in the Port of Mesaieed
  6. Handling of Vessels at Dry dock 
  7. Single Point Mooring Operations
  1. Inventory Management Policy and Procedures
  2. Warehouse Material Basic Preservation Policy and Procedures
  3. Contracts Policy and Procedure
  4. Logistics and Freight Clearance Policy and Procedures
  5. Nakilat Group Purchasing Policy and Procedure
  6. Receipt of Goods or Materials Policy and Procedures
  7. Supplier Performance Measurement and Management SPM Policy and Procedure
  8. Vendor Selection Approval and Registration Policy and Procedures
  9. Vessel Support Unit Policy and Procedure
  10. Warehouse Management Policy and Procedures
  11. Sale of Scrap Policy and Procedure
  12. Consolidated Tender Committee Policy and Procedure
  1. Accounts Receivable Policy and Procedures
  2. Delegation of Financial Authority Policy and Procedure
  3. Payroll and Benefits Processing General Policy and Procedures
  4. Investor Relations and Insider Trading P and P
  5. ESG Reporting Policy and Procedues
  6. Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures
  7. Annual Budget Policy and Procedures 
  8. Corporate Service Agreement Compliance of Accounting Services
  9. SAP Master Data Maintenance Policy and Procedures
  10. Financial Reporting Process Policy and Procedures
  11. General Accounting
  12. Inventory Property Plant and Equipment Accounting Policy and Procedures
  13. Handling of Cash Carried into the Shipyard
  1. Treasury Policy and Procedures
Information Technology
  1. IT Communications Security Policy
  2. IT Incident Management Policy
  3. Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  4. IT Asset Management Policy and Procedures
  5. IT Bring Your Own Device Policy
  6. IT Disaster Recovery Policy
  7. IT Operations Security Policy
  8. IT Physical and Environmental Security Policy
  9. IT Service Desk Manual
  10. IT System Acquisition Development and Maintenance Policy and Procedures
  11. IT Systems Backup and Restore Policy
  12. SAP User Support and Enhancements Policy and Procedures
Human Resources
  1. Employee Relation Policy and Procedures
  2. Government Affairs Policy and Procedures
  3. Learning And Development Policy and Procedures
  4. Recruitment Policy and Procedures
  5. Rewards and OD Policy and Procedures
  6. Nakilat Qatarization Manual
Public Relations
  1. Public Relations Department Policy and Procedure
  2. Crisis Communications Protocol
  3. Social Media Policy and Procedures
  1. Legal Department Work Request Procedures
  2. Insurance Department Policy and Procedures
  3. Corporate Seal Policy and Procedures
  4. Sanctions Compliance Policy and Standard Operating Procedures
Internal Audit
  1. Nakilat Group Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure
  2. Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
Corporate Planning and Risk
  1. Compliance Policy and Procedures
  2. Business Continuity Management System Manual
  3. Enterprise Risk Management Manual
  4. Information Security Management System Manual
  5. Business Plan Milestone Dashboard and Scorecard Reporting for Key Performance Indicators
General Services
  1. General Services Policy and Procedures
  1. Shipyard Group Manual
  2. General Visual Inspection of Shipyard Policy and Procedure


Silent Period

To ensure fair disclosure of information and prevent the leak of material information regarding the company’s financial results prior to earnings announcements, Nakilat has established a quiet period for IR activities. Nakilat observes a quiet period for IR activities from the second Sunday of the month following the end of every quarter until the earnings announcement. During this period, Nakilat shall not, in principle, hold individual meetings, presentations about the Company and other such events, and shall refrain from answering inquiries regarding the financial results.

Regulatory announcements

Nakilat’s Board of Directors values transparent and timely communications with shareholders and stakeholders. It is achieved through quarterly financial statements, governance report and annual report.


Qatar Stock Exchange


Qatar Financial Markets Authority