Debt Management and Creditor Presentation

  • Proactive and effective debt and liquidity management, with capital expenditure covered by solid and steady cash-flow generation by world-class charterers
  • Holds the highest investment profile from all international credit rating agencies (Nakilat inc: Aa3 / Moody’s, AA- / S&P, A / Fitch)

Net Borrowings (FY'15 to FY'23)

Debt/Maturity Profile, Funding Strategy and Creditor Information

debt/maturity profile chart

* The debt maturity profile assumes refinancing as they fall due.

Funding Strategy and Creditor Information

  • QGTC Nakilat's debt facilities have been used to finance the acquisition of vessels
  • Most of QGTC Nakilat's consolidated debt will be paid by 2033
  • QGTC Nakilat's consolidated debt is held by both local and international banks
  • QGTC Nakilat's consolidated debt are in USD since most of the income is in USD

Credit Rating

  • The three major credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch rate the Nakilat Inc. senior debt and Nakilat Inc. subordinate debt as strong investment grade debt
  • Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s rate Nakilat Inc. senior debt as AA- and Aa3 respectively, which is one notch below the State of Qatar
  • Various reports published by the international credit rating agencies highlight Nakilat’s key strengths as being vitally important to Qatar’s LNG strategy given Nakilat’s ownership of the world’s largest LNG fleet

Credit Rating for Nakilat Inc.
Moody's Standard & Poor's Fitch
Aa3 AA- A