When will the Annual General Assembly meeting be held ?

Nakilat’s AGM is usually held towards the first quarter of the year.

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Where does the meeting take place?

The venue is mentioned in the AGM invitation which is published at least 21 days before the meeting.

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Who can attend the meeting?

All shareholders or representatives appointed by shareholders can attend.

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What is the Agenda of the meeting?

As per Article 127 of the commercial companies law no. 11 of 2015. The agenda of the General Assembly Meeting must include the following items:

  1. Hearing the report of the board of directors on the activity of the company and its financial status over the year and the auditor’s report and approving them.
  2. Discussing the balance sheet and profit and loss account of the company and approving them.
  3. Discussing the Governance report and approving it.
  4. Considering proposals submitted by the board of directors on distribution of profits and adopting it.
  5. Considering discharging the members of the board of directors and determining their remuneration.
  6. Presenting the tender relating to the appointment of auditors and determining their remuneration.
  7. Electing board members when necessary.
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Can shareholders be represented at the annual general meeting?

Shareholders who cannot attend the general meeting in person may exercise their voting rights through a proxy holder. The proxy holder should be a Nakilat shareholder. The proxy card can be found with the invitation published in the newspaper or in the website. The shares owned by the proxy should not exceed 5% of the company’s shares. The proxy should have details of the appointed shareholder with his/her ID copy.

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Can shareholders ask questions in the annual general meeting?

Shareholders have the right to ask questions and the Board of Directors shall answer all questions and inquires of the shareholders to the extent which does not conflict with the company’s interest.

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How can a shareholder vote in the annual general meeting?

As explained in the company’s Articles Of Association, voting in the general assembly shall be through the E-voting system or any other recognized mechanism. The voting shall be executed by a secret ballot. Each shareholder has the right to vote in person or by proxy. Upon voting, each shareholder is entitled to a number of votes equivalent to the number of his shares.

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When can shareholders receive dividends?

Shareholders can receive dividends after the approval of the General Assembly on the dividends percentage.

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Dividend FAQ

When will Nakilat distribute the cash dividends?

Cash dividends will be distributed the next day after the AGM’s approval.

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How can shareholders claim their dividends?

Nakilat’s cash dividends are being handled by Qatar National Bank. For more information regarding the dividends distribution, please contact “Shareholders’ Service Centre” QNB or call the Shareholders’ Service hotline at the following:

Telephone number: +974 4425-2444
Fax number: +974 4425-2443

Please, see below application for dividend credits to account. This application needs to be sent to Qatar National Bank (

Application for Dividends Credit to the Account

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